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http://siofok-apartmanok.info/27949-lithium-carbonate-price.html unify I have always been interested in the English language, striving to find the simplest yet most effective way to convey meaning, believing that simple is better, less is more.

buy claritin compute After graduating high school, I chose to be educated by and with the people with which I worked and did business daily. I listened to them speak and it taught me how to write more clearly.
My freelance career consists of copywriting/editing work for fine folks such as: WIG Bags, April Bern Photography, Jack Russell Media Productions, and The Boot Guy.
I am also a self-taught artist, the practice of abstract painting allows me to keep my mind clear and open to new ideas.

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find out My fascination with photography began at a young age. Whether it was photographing my family and friends, events, or random things, I enjoyed it. It wasn’t until adulthood that I realized that could make a career out of doing the thing that I have always loved. My goal is to give my audience a different and alternate perspective with which to view subjects that they may see daily. I strive to link the subject and viewer by appealing to emotions, memories, and experiences. No matter whether my audience is looking at an article of clothing, a puppy, or a sandwich, I want them to feel it and connect with it.

explanation I have photographed MommyCon Chicago, a parenting convention that moves throughout the country. I also have shot several interiors, as well as my fair share of dog portraits.

My passion is in memorial statuary and street photography, capturing moments and things that otherwise would go unnoticed and unappreciated. The Keepers, my current collection of cemetery photography from around Chicago and New Orleans, has been displayed at various places around the city. The Keepers as well other pieces will be featured at multiple exhibitions around Chicago in the coming year.


I have been involved in the creation and manipulation of media in various forms for over 30 years. One of my first jobs was working as a sign painter’s assistant, quickly moving on to my own mural projects sponsored by the Chicago Public Artist Group and the Marwen Foundation. As a young entrepreneur in my twenties, I built Chicago’s largest independent custom messenger bag company. In less than four years it became a globally recognized and respected brand in the bicycle community. A large part of that success was the ability to be able to market the company and the brand in a whole new way. Armed with my camera and computers, I was able to build one of the largest followings on the internet.


Now I have launched EYE SICK MEDIA in order to teach the individual retail business owner who may be having a hard time finding their place in this new digital marketplace, how to integrate them into part of their current business practices.


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